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I am the Immediate Past President of the Penn State Alumni Association where from July 1, 2009 until June 30, 2011, I led the largest and best Alumni Association in the world. That experience makes me the best qualified candidate for the Board of Trustees in a very distinguished field.

Why am I running?

he 2012 Board of Trustees' election provides Penn State alumni with a chance to inject new blood into the governing body of a great institution. The recent events that have and continue to shake our trust in the existing Board should serve as an incentive to all alums to become more active and involved in this election.
    I decided to run for a position on the Board of Trustees last August, well before the events that unfolded last November. At that time I was, and remain, concerned about the state appropriations to Penn State. In the late 1960’s when I attended Penn State the state appropriation accounted for over 62% of the revenue in the university’s general funds budget, while tuition receipts accounted for just 32% of Penn State’s revenue. In the current 2011-2012 year the state appropriation is 14% and tuition is 78%. Next year, with the governor’s proposed reduction in appropriation the state would only contribute some 9.8%. 
    Can there be any wonder as to why tuition keeps going up? State government is unfortunately taking the “State” out of Penn State. That’s why I am running.

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